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Bumkins SuperBib
Blaine in his Bumkins Super Bib on his first birthday.
Ever get tired of washing fabric bibs every time us use them, or sacrificing your baby's comfort with some of rubber and plastic bibs? The Bumkins Super Bib has all the benefits of a waterproof bib, but is made of soft and flexible material. Not only does it hold up to the big messes my one year old can make, but with its easy cleaning and washing it is by far the best bib that I have used. Whips clean or can get rinsed in your sink for multiple uses between washings. When I feel that it needs to get washed (about every other day, depending on use) just fasten the soft Velcro neck and drop in in the washing machine. I have now been using Bumkins super bibs for a few months, and no matter how many times I wash them the color stays vibrant, and the seams hold, with absolutely no fraying, which is a problem I had with other similar bibs.
The verity of colors and styles offered are plentiful. You can easily find a pattern that matches either your or your baby's likes. The products are PVC, BPA, and phthalates free which adds peace of mind when using these products with your children. In addition to what I think of as a 'Traditional' style of bib Bumkins also has different bib styles to help keep even long sleeved outfits neat, or a SuperSized Super Bib to keep clothes clean while eating in the stroller or car seat.

After using the Bumkins SuperBib I can honestly say that I have put on my mommy must have list and  recommend the use of this product to friends and family.

Click Here to visit Bumkins and check out all of the options they offer on this great product, Or check them out on FaceBook and let them Know LOANW sent you.

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