Thursday, February 10, 2011

1st Haircut!

My son had his first haircut this week, and it was an experience. I never went through this with my daughter because i let her hair grow, I don't even think I had it trimmed until she was three of four. It really makes a huge difference in how they look, they loose the 'baby' look and he now looks like the toddler he is. In that way it is both exciting and a little bit sad. We went to a specialty children's shop, which I think made it less stressful for both of us, they had animal crackers and fun stuff to look at, and the staff were friendly and very use to dealing with young children who don't have any experience with sitting still and having someone mess with there hair and head.
It made for a fun break from routine getting out and doing something different and even a little bit fun. The shop was a fun experience, and even offer packages so you can make a party of your child's first hair cut, I personally think it is a bit over the top to have a party for the occasion, but to each there own.

Before and After Pictures, he looks so much older to me after his haircut!

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