Monday, February 14, 2011

Hallmark Recordable Story Books

Blaine Playing with his Recordable story book.
We purchased "All the Ways I Love You," out of the Hallmark Recordable Books Collection, as a way for Daddy to stay involved in story time without him actually being with us. It has been wonderful and that it is a comfort to both of my kids to have this tangible connection with there father. I feel that this is also a wonderful option for families that live away from Grandparents, or beloved aunts and uncles.
Hallmark has come out with a good variety of titles, including holiday books, made for one reader and sometimes two, and new books often.
All the books are good quality and are hard cover with thick sturdy pages that stand up to 'toddler treatment' without pages tearing or the binding coming unglued. Story books are easy to set up and record, And there is a lock on the recording, so little fingers don't accidentally erase pages. I love this feature because then you don't have to watch wandering little fingers or try to keep them away from the buttons on the controls.

Front cover.

Recording Controls are not visible when book closed but on the bottom portion of the book starting from when the cover is opened.


  1. Recordable books are great! That looks like such an adorable, sweet read.
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  2. I wanted to purchase one for Ross to do for Caylee at bedtime since he is at work. I love those.

  3. Cute blog! Thank you for the follow, now following you back!

  4. My father-in-law recorded a book for my son. Every night he says "Papa, Papa" over and over again until we "read" the book. It's so sweet. Did I mention that the book is "Twas the Night Before Christmas"?! I've already tried to hide it twice.

    I think I'll run out and buy this one for him to record, too. I can't bear the thought of Christmas in July!

  5. Those books are amazing!!! especially for military families... I know a few people who record them for their kids before they leave and I think it's such a neat idea!! Found your blog on the Wives of Faith website!! So glad to see you are up and running! My site is and I'm pretty new to this as well! Hope you have a great weekend!