Our Family

 The Mom of this group. I have an Associates Degree in Nursing and worked in the nursing field for four years before relocating and taking time off to stay at home with my children. I am active with my daughters girl scout troop and am usually busy running around to both of my children's activities. Currently located in the Charleston area of South Carolina, the kids and I will be relocating this year to join my husband  who recently moved permanent duty stations. I love my life and am looking forward to sharing my stories and experiences on my blog, as well as doing my best in giving accurate product reviews.

 MM1 in the US Navy, has been enlisted since the summer after high school. A  wonderful father and husband I don't know what I would do without him and his support. Even when he is not with us he is a very important part of our family. He loves his children has won my vote for dad of the year seven years running. He is the more playful of the two of us and usually has one or both the kids crawling all over him whenever he tries to sit down when at home.

 7 going on 20 she is a very polite child who is also a very active seven year old who loves her friends and all of her various activities that she participates in. My overall biggest challenge with her has been getting her to eat a healthy well balanced diet, she is a very picky eater who doesn't like most of the 'normal kid things' hates pizza, french fries, or even chocolate milk. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. She is an excellent student who (usually) does very well in school. My normally laid back roll with the punches little girl has now gotten to the age where our life has become somewhat difficult for her, moving away from her friends and school and having to reestablish herself. I know it will only get more difficult for her as time goes on but hope she will someday understand that this is our life and not hate us for moving her around the country.

 A very easy baby (there is 6 years between my children for a reason, Amanda was a very difficult baby) he has me spoiled. He started sleeping through the night when he was four months old rarely has a night that she doesn't make it from 8 pm- 5am. Blaine is a big boy who loves his food, again the opposite of his sister. Usually a very happy baby one of his favorite things to do right now is listen to his Hallmark recordable story book that daddy made for him for his birthday before he left. That and trying to get into the dog water dish or toilet when your not looking, he loves water, which I am hoping he grows out of soon. 

Ryan with the Kids in one of there favorite spots 'Daddy's Chair'